Heritage Baptist Academy is accredited through Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC).


Through ACS WASC’s evaluation of institutions, ACS WASC accreditation assures the educational community, the general public, and other organizations and agencies that an institution has clearly defined objectives appropriate to education; has established conditions under which their achievement can reasonably be expected; appears in fact to be accomplishing them substantially; is so organized, staffed, and supported that it can be expected to continue to do so; and demonstrates that it meets ACS WASC’s criteria and accreditation standards. ACS WASC encourages and supports institutional development and improvement through an institutional self-evaluation using the accreditation criteria and policies, as well as mid-cycle, follow-up, and special reports, and periodic evaluation of institutional quality by qualified peer professionals.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Spiritual Strength: Serving Christ with Our Lives

  1. Having the ability to communicate personal spiritual beliefs
  2. Demonstrating observable Christlike behavior
  3. Applying God’s Word with a conservative biblical worldview

Academic Acumen: Serving Christ with Our Minds

  1. Having the ability to analyze, synthesize, and summarize academic data
  2. Given the preparation to successfully accomplish collegiate level academics
  3. Adopting a mental attitude that values lifelong learning

Social Skills: Serving Christ with Others

  1. Subordinating self-will for the purpose of Christian unity
  2. Volunteering in community service opportunities
  3. Developing cultural sensitivities within a diverse community

Physical Pursuits: Serving Christ with Our Bodies

  1. Understanding healthy and non-healthy habits
  2. Participating in physical activities for lifelong fitness
  3. Subordinating physical pursuits to spiritual pursuits

Aesthetic Integrity: Serving Christ with Our Abilities

  1. Displaying abilities to discern between good and poor aesthetic choices
  2. Participating in school performing and fine arts programs
  3. Appreciating performing and fine arts